Should Grand Theft Auto VI be expected at E3 2022?

The latest topic swirling around the internet as it relates to gaming news is RockStar Games confirmation regarding the development of Grand Theft Auto VI. While we do know the RockStar is actively working on Grand Theft Auto VI; its uncertain how far into development the company is in relation to GTA VI. Earlier today RockStar Games tweeted the following on Twitter:

There have been rumors and speculation on whether or not Grand Theft Auto VI will appear at E3 2022 later this year. While its unlikely that GTA VI is going to be released anytime this year; seeing a trailer or at least a screenshot of the upcoming action-adventure game would be great. However, its unlikely that RockStar Games is going to try and rush the development of GTA VI. RockStar Games intends on producing a batter that surpasses Grand Theft Auto V from ‘13 which ended becoming the one of the best selling video games from this past decade. Grand Theft Auto V was a massive commercial success reaching over 155 million copies in sales across multiple gaming platforms. While RockStar Games promised more details on GTA VI they have yet to give an official time frame. The anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to take place sometime between 2024-2025. Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to appear on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Microsoft Windows; but that could possibly change if Sony or Microsoft decides to purchase RockStar Games between now and the release of Grand Theft Auto VI. But as far as this year is concerned hopefully we will hear more about Grand Theft Auto VI from RockStar games during E3 2022.

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