Retro Gaming 00s- Heavenly Sword: (2007)

Its hard to believe that Heavenly Sword was released almost fifteen years ago for the PlayStation 3. There are probably many people who have no recollection of Heavenly Sword for the PlayStation 3. Heavenly Sword was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Ninja Theory and was a hack n slash action-adventure game. Heavenly Sword was a pretty unique video game that stood out a lot especially since it was released in 2007. The game featured a female protagonist named Nariko who was not only a skilled warrior; but she also the reincarnation of deity who once wielded a sword forged in Heaven. Players controlled Nariko and fought countless adversaries in order to keep the Heavenly Sword out of the hands of the main antagonist King Bohan. The plot of the game seemed uninspiring and too fantasy based for some peoples taste. However, the character development regarding Nariko was definitely a strong point as it related to the story of Heavenly Sword. Also, the overall presentation of Heavenly Sword was impressive in relation to gameplay and graphics. Despite, falling under the radar of high profile video games from the 00’s Heavenly Sword managed to reach at least one million copies in sales. Its a shame that Heavenly Sword did not receive a sequel or turn into a video game series for that matter. Even though, Heavenly Sword was not nearly as popular as God War the game it still had a mythical aura to it which was pretty cool.

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