Retro Gaming 00s- Jak II: (2003)

There are probably many people who have forgotten about the Jak and Daxter series which originated on the PlayStation 2 back in 2001. The first Jak and Daxter game was highly underrated and its hard believe that it came out two decades ago. Following the release of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy the game reached over 4.2 million copies in sales on the PS2. The success of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor legacy lead to Sony Interactive Entertainment releasing Jak II back in 2003. Despite, not having nearly as much commercial success as its ‘01 prequel Jak II had its share of strong points. Jak II had an intriguing storyline, great visuals, exciting gameplay and it was also more challenging than your average action-adventure game. Jak II was considered to be a multi-genre video game which included third person shooter gameplay in addition with being an action adventure platformer. The storyline for Jak II involved Time travel was set five centuries following the events of Precursor Legacy. The setting of Jak II took place at the fictional Haven City where Jak is captured and held prisoner by Krimzon Guards who works for the main antagonist Baron Praxis. After being captured Jak eventually acquired new dark powers as a result of being apart the Dark Warrior Program which subjected him to a series painful experiments within two years.

After escaping from prison as Jak players had to engage in numerous missions which would dramatically increase in difficulty as players progressed throughout the game. In the 30+ hours of gameplay that players would get out of Jak II; many would go on record and argue that the boss battles with Praxis and Metal Kor were the most difficult fights in the entire game. Despite, being more darker and mature than its predecessor Jak II was not quite as successful as the Precursor Legacy. Jak II only managed to reach about 1.6 million in sales and most people had greater preference for Precursor Legacy over Jak II in general. Also, when it came down to the PlayStation 2 there were countless games on that system like Grand Theft Auto III, GTA: Vice City, Final Fantasy X and many others that overshadowed Jak II during the mid 00’s. Despite, not being as popular as Precursor Legacy the Jak II game received strong reviews from various gaming publications. Even though, the level of difficulty in Jak II has been criticized by various people since its ‘03 release; the game is still considered to be a PS2 classic that probably deserves recognition than it has received.

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