Could Persona 4: Golden be a huge attraction on PS4 & Switch?

As many people know Persona 4: Golden was released for the PlayStation Vita back in 2012 and was basically an updated version of the original PS3 game from 2008. Since its initial release Persona 4: Golden was seen as one of the greatest RPG’s that Atlus had produced within the past decade prior to the release Persona 5 in 2016. It was reported back in July 2020 that at least half a million people were still playing Persona 4: Golden on PC through Steam. Also, since its initial release back in ‘12 Persona 4: Golden had managed to reach at least 2.5 million copies in sales across multiple platforms. In fact, Persona 4: Golden is long overdue for a PS4 re-release and would most likely appeal to causal RPG fans who are currently Switch owners. If the rumors regarding P4: Golden coming to the Switch is true then it will become the first major Persona game to appear on a Nintendo console along with P4: Arena Ultimax. Recently, Persona 4: Arena Ultimax had also been confirmed to appear on more recent generation game systems including the PS4, Nintendo Switch along with Microsoft Windows. Despite, how old both Persona 4 games are they both stand the test of time fairly well. Also, seeing that the PS4 & Switch consoles have been more successful on a commercial level than the PS Vita and Wii-U; more people are likely to purchase Persona 4: Golden especially those who have recently become fans of the Persona series after PS5 was released in 2016.

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