Sega’s New Developer Studio

It looks like we can expect big things from Sega in the future as it relates to video games. It was announced back in November 2021 that both Sega & Microsoft would be collaborating as it related to cloud gaming in future. While Sega has mainly been a third-party developer for the past twenty years it finally looks like the company is take big steps towards re-establishing themselves as a major player within the gaming world. In fact, we have recently learned that Sega is more serious about creating groundbreaking video games as it relates to the future. Apparently, Sega has recently opened up a new studio headed by the producer of Phantasy Star Online 2 Takaya Segawa in Sapporo, Japan. The start up studio looks very promising and shows that Sega has plans to do far more than just remain a third-party video game developer. If Sega decides to re-enter the console wars for a second time that would also be groundbreaking news that would also shock the gaming world as well. But at the moment we have no idea what this new studio in Sapporo is going to lead to years from now. Regardless, of what happens it looks like 2022 onwards is going to be a positive time period for Sega in general.

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