Retro Gaming 80s- Star Wars: (1983)

When it comes down to classic arcade games that were far ahead of their respective times during the 80’s; one of the few titles that many people instantly remember is Atari’s Star Wars arcade title from 1983. The Star arcade game came out the same year Return Of the Jedi was released in movie theaters worldwide. The Star Wars series had been gaining popularity since its inception in 1977 and the Return Of the Jedi movie from ‘83 was considered a massive commercial similar to the first two movies. The popularity of the Star Wars series drew a ton of interest in the first ever arcade game which looked pretty unique. The neon vector graphics and the synthesized audio used in the Star Wars arcade game were very impressive. Also, the inclusion of Darth Vader’s iconic theme the “Imperial March” was also pretty cool; as players attempted to infiltrate the Death Star during the first phase of the game. The Star Wars included a total of three different phases with players controlling the X-Wing and having to destroy countless enemies while trying to evade destruction. Despite, how challenging the Star Wars arcade game was the argument can be made that unlike most rail-shooters from the 80’s it was not too difficult. Players were given multiple shields for the X-Wing and they ultimately perished if they were attacked six different times. The ultimate goal of the Star Wars arcade was to destroy the Death Star by completing each attack phase within the game. Even though, the Star Wars arcade game may not have aged well visual since its release in the early 80s its considered a classic to many people.

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