PlayStation VR2- Will it be more successful than the original PSVR?

While last year in general seemed like a pretty hectic year but we fortunately got start 2022 with some great news as it related to the gaming world. It has recently revealed by Sony that we will indeed be getting a PlayStation VR2 headset for the PS5 console in the future. Even though, the PSVR 2 headset has been announced by Sony we have yet to see what the actual accessory looks like. In fact, Sony has yet to announce an official release date or price for their brand new virtual reality headset. Despite, not having any information about the release date or price of the PlayStation VR2; the gaming world learned plenty of details about Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset. We learned that the PlayStation VR2 will include a variety of new features including visual fidelity, eye tracking, headset based control tracking along with sensory features; which will add more depth and realism to the overall gameplay experience PS5 owners. The visual aspect of the game will probably the most impressive thing about the PlayStation VR2 considering the fact that it’s supposed to have an OLED display. Players can expect 4KHD gameplay with frame rates running at 90/120Hz with a display resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye and a 110-degree field of view. Its sounds like the PlayStation VR2 will be a vast improvement from its ‘16 predecessor by leaps and bounds. Also, seems like The PlayStation VR2 is more than capable of competing with the Oculus Quest 2 which was released back in October 2020. The original PSVR headset had managed to reach at least 5 million units in sales since its release. Its possible that the PlayStation VR2 can outsell the original PSVR headset especially considering the fact that Horizon: Call Of The Mountain has been confirmed for the PS5. The gameplay for Horizon: Call Of The Mountain was showcased during Sony’s recent press conference and looked unbelievably realistic. At the moment its hard to predict the future success of the PlayStation VR2. But its safe to say that the PlayStation VR2 will definitely be a huge attraction amongst gamers; seeing how fast the PS5 consoles have been constantly selling out every other month in retail as of late.

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