Retro Gaming 80s- RoadBlasters: (1987)

As many people know the 80’s was a decade that saw the rise of the Nintendo Entertainment System from ‘83 onwards and is mainly known for 8-bit gaming. It should also be noted from ‘86 onwards Sega made its mark within the gaming world; by introducing 16-bit gameplay to the gaming world which would remain popular up until the mid 90’s. While Nintendo & Sega took part in developing innovative gaming experiences during the 80’s with memorable classics; Atari Games had it share of video games that are considered to be classics as well. The RoadBlasters game from ‘87 is considered to be legendary mainly because it was one of the first high-profile arcade based vehicular combat games of its time. In terms of presentation the game looked impressive and the concept of the game was pretty straightforward. RoadBlasters required players to complete 50 different rallies without running out of fuel with unlimited continues for each level except for the last one. The cool thing about this game was the fact that players were able to obtain power ups to help them destroy their enemies while increasing the amount of multipliers they had. For an arcade racing title RoadBlasters was a bit more challenging than Sega’s Outrun game from ‘86. Following its arcade release on the Atari System 1 in ‘87 RoadBlasters was ported to multiple game systems of afterwards including Sega Genesis, Lynx, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST and even the NES. While RoadBlasters is far from being the best racing game from the mid 80s-early 90s is still considered a memorable classic from its era.

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