Will Sony release a new PSVR headset in 2022?

As many PSVR headset is considered to be one of the most popular gaming accessories as it relates to Virtual Reality. The PSVR headset was released back in October 2016 and since then we got to see several popular titles on the PS4 that had virtual reality features. Within the past five years we got to see titles such as Iron Man VR, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Doom VR, Batman: Arkham VR, Gran Turismo Sport and more that allowed players to utilize the PSVR on the PS4. Since late-2016 the PSVR headset has reached at least five minutes in sales and even though that is good news; the sales numbers has still managed to fall below Sony’s overall expectations within the past five years. In fact, some are beginning to wonder whether or not Sony plans on releasing a PSVR now that the PlayStation 5 is currently available in electronic retail stores worldwide. While PSVR is not exactly a massive success it’s not a huge failure either. Virtual Reality has yet to achieve mainstream popularity as it relates to gaming but it could very well end up shaping the future as it relates to video games in general. As far as a potential PSVR 2 release is concerned Sony has yet to officially confirm anything. However, there has been speculation about a potential reveal or possible release sometime between 2022-2023.

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