God War vs Spider-Man which PS4 game was hotter in 2018?

When we think some of the best video games of 2018 as it relates to the action-adventure genre both God Of War & Spider-Man were both two of the hottest games to have appeared on the PlayStation 4. God Of War 4 was the highly anticipated sequel to its ‘10 predecessor for the PS3 and the Spider-Man franchise was starting to become hot again during the late 10’s. The Spider-Man Homecoming movie from ‘17 was such as huge success and it acclimated over $880 million in box office revenue. We also got to see the Spider-Man: New Animated Series in ‘17 which along with the movie revived many long time Marvel fans interest in the web-crawling superhero. When it came down to commercial success the Spider-Man game from ‘18 had reached over 13 million in sales on the PS4; becoming the third best selling video game on that console. God Of War on the other hand reached over 19 million in sales on the PlayStation 4 becoming the best selling video game on that console overall. While the Spider-Man franchise in general has been around longer teen and young adult gamers simply liked God Of War more. Both God Of War and the Spider-Man ‘18 game are both action-adventure masterpieces; but we live in a generation where there is normally more preference towards anti-heroes than traditional ones. As far as which game was hotter between God Of War & Spider-Man ’18 that is something that is debatable; mainly because it depends on what one is looking for in a action-adventure game.

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