Is Tesla Arcade dangerous for drivers?

As many people are aware Tesla Arcade has been a hot topic as of late as it relates to video games. Basically, what Tesla Arcade does is provide drivers with a satisfying retro gaming experience by giving them access to old-school 80’s era Atari games. While the concept of Tesla Arcade is pretty cool allowing drivers to play video games through a touchscreen tablet; there has been a ton of safety concerns as it relates to this new invention. There have been questions on whether or not Tesla Arcade can be damaged by car washes and how it could potentially cause distractions for drivers on the road. While its been made clear that a driver’s car must be in park to play Tesla Arcade games; there are definitely other movie apps like Netflix and Hulu that can easily distract drivers on the road causing them to be accident prone. While Tesla Arcade has come under scrutiny from the FBI and the NHTSA there has yet to be any serious injuries that we know of caused by Tesla Arcade.

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