Did Streets Of Rage IV have more success than Sonic Mania?

When it comes down to very popular video games produced by Sega within the past five years or so both Sonic Mania from ‘17 and Streets Of Rage from 2020 are both probably at the top of that list. The Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage series have both been around since 1991. The only difference between the two games aside from genre, gameplay, plot and characters is that Sega had continued making games for Sonic The Hedgehog opposed to Streets Of Rage. It’s no secret that the Sonic The Hedgehog series had been growing stale since the early 00’s. The 26 year hiatus that the Streets Of Rage series was on contributed to the development of its retro-cult popularity among the countless people within online gaming community. While Sonic Mania from ‘17 was praised for its back to the basics approach in relation to 16-bit graphics & gameplay along with catchy BGM; the game still managed to be a commercial success reaching over one million copies in sales. Streets Of Rage IV on the other hand reached approximately 2.5 million copies in sales across every platform since September 2020. There is no question that on a commercial level Street Of Rage IV outsold Sonic Mania; a large part the reason why Street Of Rage IV was so popular was mainly due to nostalgia. Also, there was plenty of riots across America and in other parts of the world in real-life during 2020; which made Street Of Rage IV stand out even more so as a video game.

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