Should Atlus release a Persona 5 Arena game?

As many people know Persona 5 is one of Atlus most successful RPG games of all-time and has received nothing but praise since its initial release back in 2016. When Atlus came out with Persona 4 back in ‘08 that game was also critically acclaimed and its popularity lead to the creation of animated films along with the release of a spin-off game back in 2012. As a fighting game Persona 4 Arena was far better than it had any business being and was arguably one of the best fighting titles to have emerged from 2012. Since Persona 6 is unlikely to come out anytime soon for the PlayStation 5 Atlus might as well create a Persona 5 Arena game. There has really been no rumors or announcements regarding on whether or not Atlus even have any plans on creating a Persona 5 Arena game. However, there is no question that a potential Persona 5 Arena would be a huge attraction among hardcore fans of the legendary video game series. The thought of popular P5 characters such as: Makoto Niijima, Ann Takimaki, Ryuji Sakamoto and others in a visual novel fighting game sounds awesome. The development of a Persona 5 Arena game would been an excellent opportunity for Atlus to capitalize on success of P5 RPG title from 2016.

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