Is Mansion 3 Luigi’s best game ever?

When comes down to the gaming world Luigi is considered to be one of the most iconic video game characters of all-time. Unfortunately, the better part of three decades he has been in the shadow of his brother Mario who has practically been the face of Nintendo since the mid 80’s. While there have been countless Super Mario games since ‘85 that have been considered classics; there a significantly smaller number of Luigi titles in general. Luigi’s first main video game started in ‘01 on GameCube with the Mansion series with the latest installment coming out in ‘19. When it comes down to the trilogy of Luigi games in the Mansion series everyone has their own respective opinions on which game is the best. However, there are many who would go on record and argue that Luigi’s Mansion 3 was by far the best game that starred Mario’s brother as the main character. Luigi’s Mansion 3 had so many strong positives including easy controls, challenging puzzles and a great storyline that contributed to its overall appeal. While the first two Luigi’s Mansion game from ‘01 & ‘13 were also fun the third installment had the most success commercially. In fact, Luigi’s Mansion 3 reached over 9 million copies in sales on the Nintendo Switch. Luigi’s Mansion 3 sold more than double that what the first installment did from ‘01 onwards.

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