Should THQ Nordic release a Darksiders 4?

The Darksiders series has been around since 2010 and it has become one of the most popular action role-playing video games franchises that THQ has produced. While everyone has their own respective opinions on which installment within the Darksiders series was the best there are many people who were quite fond of the second title from 2012. The latest installment within the Darksiders series that we got to see was DS III from 2018 which appeared on Microsoft Windows; along with last generation consoles such as: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Darksiders III was not as much of commercial success like its predecessor which reached roughly around 1.6 million copies in sales. In fact, Darksiders III only reached roughly over 100K on in sales and ended up becoming the lowest selling installment within the trilogy thus far. However, it was mention by the President of THQ Nordic that of Darksiders III has reached over 100K in sales that company would definitely considered making a potential Darksiders IV in the future. The question has the Darksiders series already reached its peak; also if there is still high levels of interest among genre to see another entry within series. While Darksiders Genesis from 2019 was praised for various things including its combat and storyline; it was also the first installment in the series to include co-op multiplayer gameplay. The success of Darksiders Genesis shows that the series is still somewhat popular and the THQ should definitely make a DS IV game sometime in the future.

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