Should Final Fantasy XVI be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

Final Fantasy XVI is currently one of the most anticipated Action-RPG’s of the 2020’s decade as it relates to the PlayStation 5. The very first trailer for Final Fantasy XVI was revealed back in the Fall of 2020 and since then many people have developed high expectations in terms on what to expect from Square Enix. While Final Fantasy XVI has been confirmed for the PS5 there are many people who believe the game should also be ported for the Nintendo Switch. Final Fantasy XV from ‘16 was eventually ported for the Switch console back in ‘18 considering how popular it became following its initial release. It was reported back in 2020 that Final Fantasy XV had managed to sell roughly around 9 million copies worldwide. While keeping Final Fantasy XVI a PlayStation 5 exclusive would benefit Sony greatly; the price of their current generation is extremely high since they are selling out very fast at local retailers like Best Buy and Walmart. Also, we have no idea when Square Enix is going to release Final Fantasy XVI.

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