Nintendo Switch reaches over 92 million in sales!!!

As it currently stands the Nintendo Switch is considered to be one of Nintendo’s most popular ever. The handheld hybrid console was firs released back in March 2017 and since then the Nintendo Switch has managed to exceed almost everyone’s expectations in relation to commercial success. It was recently reported that the Switch console has officially reached over 92 million units sold worldwide. This is great news for Nintendo because the Switch console is coming very close to surpassing the Wii console in sales. Since its initial release in late 2006 the Wii console has managed to reach over 101 million units in sales; making it one of Nintendo’s most successful game consoles of all-time. To say that the Nintendo Switch is a huge step up from the last generation Wii-U console would be an understatement at this point. Also, its possible that the Switch console could end up surpassing the PS4 which has reached over 115 million units in sales. With the release of Nintendo’s new OLED Switch model along with their online subscription service; the Nintendo Switch is almost guaranteed to reach over 100 million units in sales within the next few years.

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