Will Sega & Microsoft’s partnership change the landscape of gaming?

As many people know Sega and Microsoft has recently formed a new partnership as it relates to gaming. Its looks like Sega will be using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for a special project that involves “large-scale global games”. Sega’s SuperGame project sounds very intriguing and is expected to launch sometime in 2026. While Sega did not provide too many details on what to expect from this Super Game Project many people have questions on what to expect in roughly over four years from now. If Sega plans on developing and releasing a ton of new games on Microsoft’s Azure platform; that could definitely be a more effective method of marketing opposed to having their third party games on video game consoles. Also, this new formed partnership gives Sega an opportunity to possibly make sequels or spiritual successors to older games from the 90’s and early 00’s that never received one. There are so many video game series that old school gamers would love to see revived by Sega; including Outrun, GunStar Heroes, Skies Of Arcadia, Power Stone and more. The idea of Sega moving more towards cloud based gaming seems like a step in the right direction. While video game consoles are still huge attractions amongst gamers the prices in America are getting ridiculous with the likes of the PS5 being priced at over $900 on average. Even though, the Switch console is way more affordable than the PlayStation 5 third party titles on Nintendo consoles are normally overshadowed by Super Mario & Zelda games. While Sega & Microsoft’s partnership is exciting news it does not seem like much of a game changer; since its unlikely to affect Sony or Nintendo from a business or financial standpoint in anyway.

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