Chinese servers for Fortnite shutting down soon!!!

As many people know Fortnite has been one of the most popular video games in the world since its initial release back in 2017. Within the past four years or so Fortnite has been played in at least 87 different countries worldwide; while managing to reach an impressive milestone of having over 350 million players by Spring 2020. While Fortnite has been a massive commercial success worldwide within the past four years; China just so happens to be one of the few countries which has a government that is strongly against its citizens playing it. In fact, it has been recently revealed that Chinese users have been prevented from registering for new accounts from November 1st onwards. It has also been revealed that the Chinese servers for Fortnite will office be shutting down on November 15th. Unfortunately, Fortnite never had a proper launch in China since it was only playable in “test mode”. Its strict regulatory video games policies in China have been well documented especially as it relates to the Battle Royale genre of gaming. Luckily, Epic Games does not highly rely on the consumership of Chinese market gaming mark since Fortnite is insanely popular in countries like America, United Kingdom, Canada and France. Also, despite Chinese citizens having limited access to Fortnite Epic Games has still managed to make over $5.1 billion in revenue last year. Epic Games shutting down its Fortnite servers in China will not have a significant effect on the franchise itself.

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