Are Microsoft’s SSD Expansion cards worth it?

As many people know one of the few things that people within the gaming world are talking about right now is Microsoft SSD cards for the Xbox Series X. It has been revealed that Microsoft’s SSD cards will include 1TB of memory and will be launched sometime in November 2021. Based on what we know Microsoft’s SSD cards will be backwards compatible with the Xbox One S along with the Xbox One as well. The development of SSD cards for the Xbox Series X makes for much better alternative than creating multiple consoles with different storage capacities. Seagate’s Technology new flash drive will not only improve the quality and loading times of the Xbox Series X drastically; but it was definitely designed to compete with the PlayStation 5 which has been selling out rapidly in the United States. The expected price for the 1TB SSD card is $219.99 which is not really a bad price at all. Its also been reported that Seagate will be selling 512 GB and 2TB SSD cards as well. The 512 GB SSD Cards will be priced around $139.99 and the 2TB models will cost up to $399.99.

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