Should Capcom bring Strider 2014 to the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know Capcom’s Strider series has been around since ‘89 when it appeared in arcade centers during the early 90’s. The original Strider games received a great reception by various gaming publications over three decades ago as a platform hack n slash title; considering how popular the genre was back then. Even though, Capcom had released Strider 2 in arcade centers and for PlayStation about a decade following the release of its prequel; the game got overshadowed by so many other arcade titles from the late 90’s. The latest installment within the Strider series came out back in 2014 and the game looked pretty cool on the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Even though, Capcom’s Strider title from ‘14 did not do too great in sales it was definitely a game that die-hard fans of the series would definitely be into. At the moment it does not seeming like we are going to get a direct sequel for the Strider game from 2014. Some wonder whether or not the Strider’14 would be an attraction on the Switch console. For some reason Capcom had strangely remained consistent in keeping Strider titles off of Nintendo based game systems.

Not one major Strider game had appeared on a Nintendo console in over 30 years which is nothing short of baffling. Bringing the Strider game from ‘14 to the Switch console would be history jaw-dropping news for anyone who is familiar with the series. Even though, Strider Hiryū is probably considered to be an unfamiliar character to casual gamers he could definitely can more exposure to the casual audience by appearing on the Switch console. The is no guarantee that the Strider ‘14 game will be a huge attraction on the Switch console seeing how the platform hack n slash is not nowhere as popular as it once was.

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  1. Hell yea! I hope they don’t end Strider with this game. I want this same style game but with more tech. I honestly think Strider needs different combo animations when landing attacks on enemies. I also think when you launch enemies in the air you should be able to transition into an air juggle combo, allowing Strider to stay in mid air and even transition back to the ground with the slam attack. Also add super/ultra combos like Ragnarok from MvC. This ability provides a panic button to clear up mobs, and can give strider some survivability with the iframe it provides


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