Should the Epic Mickey series be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know the Epic Mickey series started over a decade ago in 2010. There were three installments within the Epic Mickey series including the first game Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of 2 along with Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion from ‘10-‘13. While the second installment of the Epic Mickey series was arguably the best they seemed like very general platform titles. However, Mickey Mouse is a household name and a iconic Disney figure that almost everyone is familiar with. When it comes down to video games for the Nintendo Switch we never got to see any Mickey Mouse related games on the hybrid console. Seeing how Mickey Mouse appeals mainly to children and a family based audience of gamers; having the Epic series would be perfect for the Switch console. The problem is Disney really has no plans on remastering any of the Epic Mickey titles for the Switch. Also, the demand for bringing the Epic Mickey series to the Switch console is low and the quality of those games are not as good as the Mickey titles from the early 90’s.

If anything an Epic Mickey 3 title from Disney would probably turn more heads within the gaming world than remastering the titles from ‘10-‘13 on the Switch console. When it comes down to video games in general the argument can be made that Mickey Mouse was more popular during the 90’s than he was during the 10’s decade. The gaming industry has evolved so much and platformers are not nearly as popular as they once were. Also, while bringing the Epic Mickey series to the Switch console sounds good in theory it would most likely be overshadowed by the first party Nintendo games from the Mario & Zelda series. Unless we get an Epic Mickey 3 game or some new title involving the beloved Disney character; having Mickey Mouse games on the Switch comes is something that people may not be too crazy about.

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  1. Epic Mickey 1 and 2 are AWESOME and SHOULD be made for Switch and more. Too bad they don’t make a #3 and make it for 3 or more players. My kids still play this for hours…


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