New Twisted Metal game coming to the PS5 in 2023?

As many people know the Twisted Metal series has been around since the mid 90’s during the PS1 era of gaming. Back in the day Twisted Metal was beloved by teenagers and young adults and the original game along with its predecessor ended up becoming the most popular vehicular combat titles of its era. The Twisted Metal series slowly began to decline in popularity over time; due to mainstream appeal of RPG’s, action-adventure and first person shooter genre titles during the 00’s & 10’s decades. The latest game within the Twisted Metal series that we got to see came out in 2015. In fact, the game that Sony Computer Entertainment produced in ‘15 was a reboot of Twisted Metal: Black which came out for the PS2 back in 2001. Since then, people have wondered whether or not the Twisted Metal series would ever make a return and apparently we now have an answer. Its has been recently confirmed on various gaming and technology based websites that a brand new Twisted Metal game will be appearing on the PS5 sometime in future. It’s turns out that Lucid games the same developer that worked on the latest vehicular combat title Destruction All-Stars will be responsible for rebooting Twisted Metal.

Its uncertain how big this upcoming Twisted Metal game will become since its been over a decade since we got to see a fresh installment for the series. As it currently stands the upcoming Twisted Metal game for the PS5 is still early in development with an anticipated release sometime in 2023. There are definitely going to be a lot of people who waiting for Sony to release an official trailer for this new Twisted Metal title at E3 2022, GameCon or possibly an upcoming PlayStation 5 showcase next year. While the nostalgia of the Twisted Metal series is guaranteed to draw long time fans of the series back; its uncertain what type of reception the game will have with the younger generation of gamers in their teens or early 20’s.

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