Project EVE set for future release on the PlayStation 5!!!

As far as upcoming games are concerned one that people are talking about right now that is set to appear on the PS5 in the future is Project Eve. For those who do not know Project Eve is an upcoming action title that will be developed and published by Korean video game company known as SHIFT UP Corporation. The character and level designs are reminiscent of popular games such as Nier: Automata from ‘17 and features bloody hack n slash gameplay similar to Devil May Cry. The plot for Project Eve is very intriguing and is set in the near future after mankind has been expelled from Earth. The departure of Mankind from earth is due to the humans losing a battle to intergalactic invaders known as NA:tives; leading to players controlling the main protagonist EVE to form alliances while destroying various types of enemies. The idea of having a female protagonist in such as fast-paced action game gives off Bayonetta vibes; which will most likely appeal to casual gamers in general. At one point Project EVE was set to appear on last generation consoles including the PS4 & Xbox One; despite being advertised as a PS5 exclusive. However, Project EVE is unlikely to be released in ‘22 and might just remain on the PS5 and Microsoft Windows.

At this point we do not even an official release date for Project EVE despite the fact that the very first reveal trailer for the game came out in 2019. While its quite possible that Project EVE will be released sometime in early ‘23 but its still hard to make an guarantees about anything. Similar to Square Enix’s Forspoken game which also has a female protagonist Project EVE is a game that looks like it has a ton of potential. Considering he fact the PS5 is selling out in retail at a very high rate there is almost no question that Project EVE will most likely perform well in relation to commercial sales. We will most likely learn more details about this upcoming sci-if post-apocalyptic action title next year as we get close to the official release date for Project EVE.

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