Retro Gaming 10’s- Pac Man Battle Royale: (2011)

As many people are aware the Pac-Man series has been around since 1980 and is considered one of Bandi Namco most legendary video game franchises. Since its inception back in the early 80’s when Atari 2600 was still big the Pac-Man series has produced countless titles and spin-off titles that casual have become huge fans of within the past four decades or so. One of the few notable titles that we got to see within the maze genre of gaming within the past decade was Pac-Man Battle Royale from 2011. The reason why Pac-Man Battle Royale from ‘11 was such a big deal was because it was one of the first major installments in the series that allowed four player gameplay. Generally, Pac-Man games are single player only with the main objective involving eating all the pellets on the screen before being killed by a ghost. However, Pac-Man Battle Royale had the same basic formula except players can be eaten by other powered-up Pac-Men. The multiplayer gameplay in Pac-Man Battle Royale was way more challenging than older installments within the series; which contributed to its overall appeal during the early 10’s. Each round within Pac-Man Battle Royale would last for approximately two minutes and there were certain rules within the game that would take a while for casual gamers to get used to.

Pac-Man Battle Royale was initially released in arcade centers before it was ported to the PS3 and the Xbox 360 as apart of the Pac-Man Museum in 2014. As far as innovation is concerned Pac-Man Battle Royale was one of the most innovative title within series during the 10’s decade. In fact, the whole multiplayer “Battle Royale” concept was ahead of its time especially since it did start to become popular in gaming until the second-half of the 10’s decade. Before the likes of Tetris 99 and Call Of Duty: Black Ops IV we had Pac-Man Battle Royale which was a game that was probably overshadowed back in the early 10’s. During the late 00’s-early 10’s 3D first-person shooter games, action-adventure along with MMORPG’s were more popular than 2D maze genre titles. But it was still pretty cool to see something new done with Pac-Man aside from simply making modifications.

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