Will Bethesda release Fallout 5 by 2023?

The Fallout series has been around since ‘97 and the franchise has managed to make millions since its inception over the past two decades. The post apocalyptic RPG series began to become more popular on a mainstream level around the time Fallout 3 came out back in ‘08 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Despite, the series being around for almost 25 years the best installment in the series Fallout 4 was released a few years ago back in 2015. On a commercial level Fallout 4 was extremely successful and managed to reach over 13 million copies in sales worldwide; surpassing the likes of Call Of Duty: Black Ops III. Fallout 4 managed to generate approximately $750 million within 24 hours following its launch and was praised for its storytelling and overall gameplay experience. The latest installment within the series Fallout 76 from ‘18 was considered to be a commercial failure in comparison to Fallout 4. Since then the future of the Fallout series has been in question in regards to a potential sequel. There are many who believe that at some point during 20’s decade we are going to get a Fallout 5 game.

Even though, Bethesda has yet to make any official announcements regarding an upcoming Fallout game; there have been leaked screenshots which have surfaced on web which many people believe is related to a new game that Bethesda is currently working on. Also, since we have not heard anything from Bethesda about a new Fallout game at E3 2021; it would save to say that if Bethesda is secretly working on another Fallout game it must very early in development. While the idea of seeing a new Fallout game in 2022 sounds appealing its very unlikely that its going to happen. Its almost a certain that if we do get Fallout 5 it will appear on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Microsoft Windows.

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