Retro Gaming 10’s- Bioshock 2: (2010)

Bioshock 2 was one of the first high profile games to have emerged from the 10’s decade on the PS3 along with the Xbox 360. Bioshock 2 was developed by 2K Marin and published by 2K Games and released in 2010 a few years following its prequel which emerged back in 2007. The storyline in Bioshock 2 directly followed the events that took place in the first game with the setting taking place within the Rapture. One of the main differences see in Bioshock 2 compared to its sequel was the fact that players controlled a new character opposed to Jack from the first game. Bioshock 2 saw Subject Delta as the main character ten years following the events from the first Bioshock game. The idea of being able to control a Big Daddy with free will was something new which contributed to the overall appeal of Bioshock 2. Similar to Bioshock from ‘07 players have to fight off numerous Splicers utilizing the weapons they are given where the gameplay is pretty much similar aside from controlling a Big Daddy prototype. Players were able to collect ammunition, health power ups, money, EVE along with the ability to gain advanced power plasmids during gameplay. Along with the inclusion of new protagonist Bioshock 2 had multiplayer gameplay which featured several game modes.

Bioshock 2 included death match game modes including Civil War, “Survival Of The Fittest, Capture the Sister and Turf War which came alongside a good campaign mode. In terms of sales Bioshock 2 had reached at least four million copies sold worldwide since its release in 2010. Despite, Bioshock 2 not being quite as popular as the prequel the addition multiplayer gameplay felt like a step in the right direction in theory. However, despite being an exciting action-adventure title the game was not nearly as successful as Bioshock: Infinite which had a different story altogether. Bioshock: Infinite had not only ditched the multiplayer gameplay from Bioshock 2 but it went on to reach at least 11 million sales. Even though, Bioshock 2 was arguably the least popular installment within its series the storyline for the game felt like a decent extension of its predecessor. Also, the graphics along with the fast paced gameplay of Bioshock 2 were seen as strong positives making for an exciting first-person shooter title for the PS3 & Xbox 360.

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