God Of War: Ragnarok- Most Anticipated PS5 Game of 2022?

Ever since God Of War 4 from 2018 was released on the PS4 console it ended up becoming one of the most successful action-adventure games of the 10’s decade. God Of War for the PS4 ended selling over 12 million copies worldwide since its release; while becoming the seventh best selling game for the PS4 console. In the eyes of various gaming publications God Of War was the best game of its genre as it related to the year 2018. There were many fans of God War series who were high on the 2018 installment of the game for variety of reasons as: challenging gameplay, outstanding visuals and compelling storytelling. The God Of War game for the PS4 is quite possibly the greatest game Santa Monica Studios has ever created and will still hold up strongly years from now. However, there has been a ton of anticipation regarding the upcoming release of God Of War: Ragnorok for the PS5 since 2020. At one point God Of War: Ragnorok was set to be released sometime this year until it was eventually pushed back to 2022. Based on what we know thus far about God Of War: Ragnorok it looks like Kratos and Atreus will most likely be making their returns in the upcoming PS5 sequel.

As far as the storyline details for God Of War: Ragnorok is concerned there is very little available to the public at the moment. There have been rumors that more information about God Of War: Ragnorok will be revealed to the public before the end of 2021. However, at this point we do not even have an official release date for God Of War: Ragnorok and have no clue on how far in development the game is right now. While God Of War: Ragnorok is definitely going to be a huge attraction on the PS4 & PS5 would it be considered the most anticipated game of 2022? God Of War: Ragnorok will most likely reach astronomical numbers in terms of sales following its 2022 release considering how fast PS5 is selling in retail worldwide. Despite, the ridiculously expensive price of the PlayStation 5 ranging anywhere from $500 to $800 in countries like America; retailers such as Best Buy & Walmart have been constantly restocking PS5 consoles since its initial release in November 2020. The pre-orders for God Of War: Ragnorok are most likely going to be very high due to the success of the God Of War game from 2018. In fact, seeing how popular the God War series has been since the PS3 era of gaming; God Of War: Ragnorok will most likely end up becoming one of the best selling games of 20’s decade if Santa Monica Studio can somehow top the overall quality of God Of War 4.

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