Retro Gaming 00’s- King Of Fighters 2003

The KOF series is considered to be legendary within the fighting genre of gaming and has been around since 1994. While there are many fans of the series would agree that KOF ‘98 was arguably the best installment within series; some argue that SNK had also produced some good KOF titles during the early 00’s. Even though, arcade centers began to decline in popularity by the early 00’s along with Neo Geo; titles like King Of Fighters 2003 was still seen as a huge attraction by hardcore fans of the fighting genre of gaming. One of the reasons who KOF 2003 stands out so much was because it was the game where the Crimson saga had began. While Ash Crimson was not quite as popular in comparison to some other characters within the series was definitely a tough adversary to fight against. In fact, Ash Crimson was seen as somewhat of a hack character due how powerful he was despite his basic moveset. Similar to previous installments such as KOF ‘98 & ‘02 King Of Fighters 2003 features 3 vs 3 team battle elimination matches. The cool thing about KOF ‘03 was the fact that players were able to switch characters in the middle of a fight.

As far as gameplay is concerned the action in KOF ‘03 was fast-paced and one of the things that stood out the most was its “Tactical Leader System”. During gameplay players were able to perform “Leader Super Special Moves” after acquiring two Power Gauge stocks. Players also had the ability perform Super Special Moves when their gauges was filled similar to previous installments within the series. The KOF ‘03 tournament featured in arcade mode including different bosses one being newcomer Adelheid Bernstein and the other known as Mukai. While Adelheid Bernstein was considered to be the bad ending boss; Mukai was considered to be the true final boss of KOF ‘03. Along with the introduction of new characters such as Ash Crimson Mukai, Bernstein in KOF ‘03 the game saw the return of several popular characters throughout the series. KOF ‘03 had a stacked roster of characters that featured the likes of Kyo Kysanaki, Terry Bogard, Joe Higashi, Robert Garcia, Mai Shiranui, Yuri Sakazaki and more. King Of Fighters 2003 is considered to be underrated by many fans of the KOF because it came out during a time where the fighting genre had briefly declined in popularity. During the early 00’s 2D fighting games began to lose its appeal to 3D gaming on consoles such as: PS2, GameCube and Xbox. Despite, the fact KOF ‘03 had appeared on the PS2 there were so many games that were far bigger attractions than anything SNK produced for the KOF series during the 00’s. If KOF ‘03 was released in the late 90’s it could have possibly have been more of an attraction in arcade centers than it was during the early 00’s.

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