Will the Dead Space Remake be a huge attraction in 2022?

The original Dead Space from ‘08 was considered to be one of the most high profile survival-horror games from the PS3/Xbox 360 era of gaming. It has been recently confirmed that Dead Space will be receiving a high definition 4K remake for the PS5, Xbox Series X along with Microsoft Windows sometime in 2022. Based on what we know EA Motive Studio has made some strong promises about the upcoming Dead Space remake including better gameplay mechanics , character designs along with improved storytelling. The original Dead Space had an intriguing plot with a mysterious and ominous overtone which added to its overall presentation in 2008. The plot for Dead Space revolved around the main protagonist Isaac Clarke’s discovery of dead crew members during a repair mission; following the discovery of a foreign artifact on a distant planet in space. There many people who would argue that the original Dead Space was the most frightening installment out of the trilogy of games within the series between ‘08-‘13. Even though, the story was nothing too special the dark atmosphere and the terrifying creatures known as the Necromorphs really scared the hell out of many players. While Dead Space is considered to be a riveting survival-horror shooter game; one of its main drawbacks was the fact that it only offered about 10-14 hours of gameplay.

Also, an online multiplayer gameplay mode could have added to the replay value of the original Dead Space game. While Dead Space 2 had a multiplayer mode that had human characters against Necromorphs; Dead Space 3 featured co-op gameplay within its campaign mode. If EA Motive Studio decides to take multiplayer elements from Dead Space 2 & 3 and incorporate them to the remake for the original game that would definitely be something to look forward to. The Dead Space Remake reveal trailer from July 22nd had people on the edge of their seats especially considering how successful the original version of the game was twelve years ago. Despite, the fact that Visceral Games is dead its possible that we will get more games within the Dead Space series within the 20’s decade.

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