Can the Nintendo Switch surpass the PS2 in sales by 2025?

As many people know the Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular game consoles in retail right now along with the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and the Xbox One X. Since its initial release back in March 2017 the Switch console has managed to reach over 84 million units in sales. While the Switch console has been far more successful than the Wii-U on a commercial level many are wondering whether or not it will surpass the PS4 in sales. As it currently stands the PS4 has managed to reach over 115 million units in sales since its initial release back in November 2013. The Switch console is Nintendo’s most popular game system since the Wii console which was released back in late 2006. Following its release back in ‘06 the Wii console managed to reach over 101 million units in sales; while becoming one of Nintendo best selling game systems along with the Nintendo DS which reached over 154 million following its ‘04 release. Ever since the 00’s no game console has managed to surpass the sales of the PS2 or even the Nintendo DS for that matter.

The PS2 is most likely going to remain the best selling game console of all-time especially since there is more competition within the gaming world today than there was in 00’s. Back then in the 00’s and early 10’s competition mainly existed between Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft in relation to gaming. Nowadays, people have more options when it comes down to gaming because of platforms Steam and gaming subscriptions like Google Stadia and Apple Arcade. Despite, the current competition within the gaming world the Nintendo Switch line is expected some analysts to surpass 150 millions units sold worldwide by the year 2025. Seeing how the Nintendo Switch Pro is set to be released worldwide on October 8th; its quite possible that the upcoming console will be able to reach at least 100 million units in relation to worldwide sales. However, its hard to see any game system from this current generation surpassing the PS2 or the Nintendo DS in relation worldwide sales.

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