Final Fantasy IX: Animated Series Coming Soon!!!

Those are fans of the Final Fantasy series will have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming year. It was recently revealed by Square Enix that the RPG classic from 2000 Final Fantasy IX will be receiving its own animated series; which is set to premiere sometime during the early part of 2022. It has been confirmed by various online sources that the FFIX animated series will be co-produced by Square Enix along with Cyber Group Studios. The FFIX animated series is expected to be a kids show that targets children from the ages 12 and under. The Final Fantasy IX was one of the more memorable RPG’s from the early 00’s and managed to reach over 5.5 million in sales for the PS1. FFIX was eventually re-released for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows in ‘16; before it was ported to PS4, Xbox One and the Switch consoles in 2019. The plot for FFIX revolved around conflict between two feuding nations in a medieval fictional world known as Gaia. The storyline for Final Fantasy IX was compelling and the game itself was originally “T” rated; which will make this upcoming anime adaptation more interesting.

The main protagonist in FFIX was a thief by the name of Zidane Tribal who kidnapped a Princess named Garnet Til Alexandros XVII who becomes the deuteragonist. Garnet aligned herself with Zidane to take down her adoptive mother Queen Brahne of Alexandria. Queen Brahne was considered one of the main villains of FFIX alongside Kuja who convinced her to start wars with various kingdoms. The actions of Queen Brahne lead to massive deaths along with destruction; but it was due to her manipulated by Kuja after her husband’s death. The story for FFIX is pretty good but there are more people who probably prefer seeing anime adaptions to more popular entries within the series. There are older titles like FFVII, FFIII, FFX and FFXII that fans of the series would rather see an anime adaptation for more so than FFIX. However, Final Fantasy IX does not get as much love as some of the older installments within the series; despite being a highly JRPG from the PS1 era. As it currently stands we have no official release date for the Final Fantasy IX animated series; but we are most likely going to learn more about it before end of 2021.

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