Would Netflix have a successful venture within the gaming world?

There have been a lot of buzz on the worldwide web lately in relation to Netflix becoming heavily involved in relation business concerning the gaming world. Apparently, top executives of Netflix has long-term plans regarding their expansion into the gaming world. One of the few things that has become common knowledge is the fact that Netflix is currently looking for an experienced business executive to carry out their goal. It has been reported that Netflix has approached multiple veteran video game executives regarding the opening position within the company. Its quite possible that Netflix might have their own subscription service similar to the likes Apple where customers are required to pay monthly for their service. The idea of Netflix having their own gaming division is one that is very interesting to say the least. However, Netflix is a media company that specializes in producing film and reality television. Also, competition within the gaming world is very competitive today even more so than it was decade ago. When it comes down to gaming companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are competing against one another; despite their occasional collaboration in relation cross-platform gaming.

Also, Google Stadia have their own streaming service which is fairly popular while Apple has their monthly subscription service as well. While a full-scale venture into the gaming world sounds very interesting its questionable on how successful Netflix would be. While the idea of Netflix having its own subscription service sounds appealing paper; at the end of the day the company will still be known more for its movies, documentaries, etc. If Netflix had their own streaming service that would allow users to play popular third party online multiplayer games like Fortnite; it could be an attraction if the monthly or annual subscription cost is reasonable. Also, if Netflix hires an executive who has great business mind as it relates to gaming and reaching out to the masses; their gaming venture could probably be more successful than what many people would expect.

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