Could Ristar have been popular on the SNES in 1995?

When it comes down to forgotten classics that appeared on the Genesis console back in the mid 90’s Ristar would be a game near the top of many people’s list. Ristar was almost as addictive as Sonic the Hedgehog in terms of gameplay; and arguably had some of the best visuals that you would see in 2D platform game period. Unfortunately, Ristar was released during ’95 and by that year more people began turning to the PS1 & Sega Saturn because they were more advanced game systems. While Nintendo did not release the N64 console until ’96 the SNES game system was still somewhat popular in ’95. If Ristar appeared on the SNES opposed to the Genesis console some might argue that it could have possibly of been more popular than it was. However, there were a ton of high-profile video games on the SNES that did massive numbers in terms of sales; that could have easily overshadowed Ristar in 1995. Square Enix had released games like Chrono Trigger in ’95 on the SNES which was arguably one of the greatest RPGs of all-time.

While Ristar could have been somewhat of attraction on the SNES it would have been completely overshadowed by anything Mario related within the platform genre. Despite, having poor sales on the Sega Genesis Ristar definitely had more space to shine on that particular console than any other game system at the time. At one point it looked like Ristar could of been the next Sonic the Hedgehog seeing how great the quality of game was. Its a shame that we never officially got a Ristar 2 game for Sega Saturn or Dreamcast since the first and only game is fondly remembered by many people. If Ristar was released anytime between ’91-’93 it could have possibly been more popular on the Genesis console than it ended up becoming from ’95 onwards.

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