Retro Gaming 00’s- Rumble Roses XX: (2006)

The 00’s was a decade where pro wrestling games along the industry itself was very popular in comparison to the 10’s decade. While majority of the more memorable pro wrestling games from the 00’s were WWE titles; we also saw some very popular non-WWE games such as the Def Jam Vendetta along with its sequel Def Jam: Fight For New York between ’03-’04. The success of the Def Jam pro wrestling games was a testament to how popular the genre still was following the boom period of the late 90’s. In fact, Konami had the idea of developing an all-female wrestling game called Rumble Roses which came out back in ’04 for the PS2. Rumble Roses XX was the ’06 sequel which appeared exclusively on Xbox 360 during 2006. Unlike, the predecessor Rumble Roses XX did not have a story mode; but it did include tag-team gameplay which was absent in the original Rumble Roses game. Also, online multiplayer gameplay which was also absent in the original Rumble Roses game for PS2 was available for the Xbox 360. Rumble Roses XX also saw the inclusion of the handicap match stipulation which would allow a team of two or more characters against one.

Honestly, Konami could have included more variety in Rumble Roses XX as it relates to match types. There were matches such as: Steel Cage, Triple Threat and Fatal 4 Way that could of made Rumble Roses XX better than it was. The gameplay for Rumble Roses XX was pretty unique because it was unlike what pro wrestling fans were used to seeing in mainstream pro wrestling games. In Rumble Roses XX players were allowed to utilize H-moves once their opponents humiliation meter reaches a certain level; making them more prone to a technical knockout as a result. Players were able to accumulate humiliation against opponents by countering their moves & strikes throughout different matches. The submission system in Rumble Roses XX was decent but not necessarily as robust as what was seen in the Smackdown vs Raw series. Rumble Roses XX was not too popular in American in comparison to Japan between the years of ’06-’07. Despite, its popularity in Japan there was never a direct sequel for Rumble Roses XX. In fact, there is currently an online petition for Konami to develop a Rumble Roses XXX on Facebook.

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