Retro Gaming 10’s- Grid: Autosport (2014)

There were several cool high-profile games from the 10’s decade that the world got a chance to see within the Forza and Gran Turismo series. In terms of which racing game from the early 10’s is the best is debatable. However, there were many fans of the racing genre who were fond of titles such as GT5, GT6, Forza Motorsport 4 & 5 which were all high quality games. In terms titles outside of the Gran Turismo & Forza series one of the few racing titles that stand out a great deal was Grid: Autosport from 2014. While 2014, may not seem too long ago the truth is Grid: Autosport is a game that is practically seven years old now. When Grid: Autosport was first released it firs appeared on the PS3 & Xbox 360; as the sequel to the Race Driver: Grid from ’08. Grid: Autosport looked amazing in terms of visuals and had a multi-season Career Mode that featured various objectives players had to complete. Grid: Autosport included at least 100 different high-profile cars from various dealerships including Chevrolet, Ford, General Motors, Ford, etc. Grid: Autosport also gave players the option to choose between racing on fictional street tracks versus real world circuits which many people found impressive.

While Grid: Autosport has a reputation for being every bit as challenging as its ’08 predecessor; one of the few negatives about the game was that the AI controlled opponents were aggressive. When Grid: Autosport was played on the highest difficulty level it was almost impossible for players to win their races in first place. Even though, Grid: Autosport was a racing title that was created to appeal to more hardcore fans of that particular genre; Autosport was a title that casual gamers could easily sink their teeth into. Along with the inclusion of various game modes including Open Wheel, Turner, Street, Touring and Endurance; the online multiplayer was also a huge attraction that made Grid: Autosport more appealing. As far racing games are concerned Grid: Autosport may not have Breton the same level of popularity as Forza Horizon 2. However, some would put Grid: Autosport high up on their list in terms of best racing games from 2014. The popularity of Codemasters Grid: Autosport game saw the creation of a sequel that was released in ’19; the same year that Grid: Autosport was ported for the Nintendo Switch. As a 3D racing game Grid: Autosport may of had its shortcomings in some minor areas in relation to gameplay; along installation and lost game data becoming initial common problems for players. But there is no question whatsoever that Grid: Autosport was among the best racing titles that Codemasters had made which came from the 10’s.

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