Will Resident Evil Re: Verse be a huge attraction?

Resident Evil Re: Verse is one of the few upcoming games that many people are talking about within the gaming world. It was announced back January 2021 that this upcoming online multiplayer shooter game will be available for anyone who decides to purchase the Resident Evil Village game in May 2021. Those who decide to purchase Resident Evil Village for the PS5 and XBX will be able to have access to Re: Verse through having a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Gold Online membership. It was recently revealed by Capcom that open beta gameplay for Resident Re: Verse will start in April 7th on 11:00am PDT and will end on April 10th at 10:59pm within that same time zone. The open beta for Resident Evil Re: Verse will only available for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows users; which are more easily to access considering how expensive the PS5 & XBX currently are in retail.

Resident Evil Re: Verse is present players with third person shooter gameplay where players the option of choosing popular characters such as: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and others when battling other players online. The most interesting thing about the game is the fact that once plays get killed they can resurrect and become a bioweapon such as Mr. X or Nemesis. While the concept of Resident Evil: Re Verse is intriguing its uncertain on whether or not there will be multiple game modes for this upcoming title. There has been no mention of a Battle Royale mode of any sort which could potentially to the overall appeal of Resident Evil Re: Verse. However, along with Resident Evil Village there is no question that Re: Verse will be a huge attraction from May 2021 onwards. In fact, its possible that Resident Evil Village along with Re: Verse might end up becoming among Capcom’s most popular games of 2021.

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