Project Triangle Strategy and its 2D HD glory!!!

During the Nintendo Direct presentation one of the few games that caught the eyes of many people was Square Enix’s upcoming 2D GD tactical RPG title Project Triangle Tactical Strategy. The plot for the game takes place on a fictional continent known as Norzelia; with emphasis being placed on three nations warring with one another over salt and iron which are considered to be scarce but extremely valuable resources. Triangle Tactical Strategy has players control the main character Serenoa Wolffort who’s decision heavily influenced the outcome regarding the conflict within Norzelia. Throughout, Triangle Tactical Strategy the choices that players make will be based one of three convictions involving morality, liberty and utility. One of the few things that stands out the most about Triangle Tactical Strategy is the voice acting during cutscenes. Triangle Tactical Strategy not only looks like an old school SNES game from the 90’s; but the voice acting aspect of the game is something that is very impressive since its utilized more in 3D RPG’s in general. The gameplay for Triangle Tactical Strategy also looked somewhat reminiscent of Tactical Orge: Let Us Cling Together from the mid 90’s.

Triangle Tactical Strategy is a single-player game that is pretty much a spiritual successor to Octopath Traveler from 2018. Even though, tactical turn-based RPG’s have declined in popularity since the 90’s Triangle Tactical Strategy as the potential to be one of the best games within its genre as it relates to the 20’s decade. As it currently stands the demo version of Triangle Tactical Strategy is playable. However, the release for the full version of Triangle Tactical Strategy has yet to be revealed by Square Enix. There are many people who are anticipating the release of the Triangle Tactical Strategy game sometime in 2022. Seeing how popular and successful Octopath Traveler was between Q3 2018 onwards there is no question that Triangle Tactical Strategy will also be a huge attraction as well.

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