Will Harvest Moon: One World live up to its hype?

The farm simulation genre of gaming is one that has become somewhat popular from 2008 onwards. The Farming Simulator series began in ’08 despite its realistic visuals and gameplay often gets overlooked by casual gamers. The Farming Simulator series is not really a mainstream attraction to the extent of games like Stardew Valley from ’16; or the Harvest Moon series which as been around since 1996. As many people know Harvest Moon: One World is supposed to appear on the PS4, Xbox One along with Nintendo Switch in March 2021. Harvest Moon: One World will be the direct sequel to the “Friends Mineral Of Town” installment from October 2019. There are a couple of things that we know about as it relates to new gameplay features for Harvest Moon: One Hope which will make the game somewhat appealing. It has been revealed that players will be able to plant seeds after interacting with Harvest Wisps. Also, the seeds that players receive will be able to produce different crops depending on the player’s location. Additional, features including no nighttime curfews along with harsh weather conditions being detrimental to the player’s health and the exclusion of same-sex marriages.

The visuals for Harvest Moon: One World looks pretty good but longtime fans of the series probably would have preferred if Natsume utilized 16-bit pixel art similar to that of Stardew Valley. In terms of whether or not Harvest Moon: One World will live up to its hype might be a difficult question to answer. But seeing how Harvest Moon: One World had received a mainly negative response so far it looks like there may not be too many people interested in purchasing the game this year. While its nice to see som new gameplay features in this upcoming Harvest Moon game; it would be cool if the developers brought back the classic SNES art style from ’96 at some point for an game in the future.

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