Is Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze sequel worthy?

As many people know the Donkey Kong set has been around since 80’s and just about every major installment within the series has managed to become successful. The last major entry that we got to see within the Donkey King series was Tropical Breeze which initially came out for the Wii-U console back in 2014. Since then Donkey Kong: Tropical Breeze was ported for the Nintendo Switch back in ’18; but since then we have yet to see a sequel or Nintendo announce another entry within the series for that matter. While it seems like the Donkey Kong series has faded away into irrelevancy over the past could years; many people are wondering whats next for for the DK series. There have been questions on whether or not we are going to get a new Donkey Kong game for the Nintendo Switch. Despite, the DK series not being quite as popular as Mario in relation to the platform genre; there have been majority of games within the series that exceeded many people’s expectations in terms of sales. Donkey Kong: Tropical Breeze not only reached over 2.6 million in sales following its release in ’14; but it was also critically acclaimed and received great reviews from critics and various gaming publications as well.

Even though, DK: Tropical Breeze was a great platformer for the Wii-U & Switch consoles its far from the best selling entry within the series. In fact, many would argue that the original Donkey Kong Country title from ’94 for the SNES was probably the best game Nintendo made in relation to the series overall. The DK: Country series in general is beloved by many old school SNES gamers for various reasons including its gameplay, soundtracks and visuals. While a sequel for Donkey Kong: Tropical Breeze sounds nice there are probably more people would rather see an official Donkey Kong Country 4 game from Nintendo. If Nintendo announces a direct sequel to the Donkey Kong Country 3 from ’96 that would definitely turn heads and make headlines within the gaming world. However, its been a very long time since Nintendo has collaborated with video game developer Rare in terms of making a Donkey Kong game. The last major Donkey Kong game that Rare worked on was DK64 from 1999. Since then Nintendo had worked with a variety of other developers on various games within the series during the 00’s & 10’s decade. While Nintendo apparently has a good relationship with Retro Studios who worked on DK: Tropical Breeze; its uncertain what the company’s current relationship with Rare is like. But if Rare & Nintendo could collaborate once again to bring the world a potential Donkey Kong Country 4 game that would truly be awesome.

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