Pragmata release date pushed back to 2023!!!

As many people are already know Capcom’s upcoming space adventure game Pragmata was originally scheduled to be released in 2022. It was revealed not too long ago that Pragmata was pushed back for a release in ’23 for the PS5, XBX and Microsoft Windows. The original announcement trailer for Pragmata came back in June 2020 with scarce details regarding the game itself. As it currently stands there is still vital information that we are unaware of as it relates to Pragmata. The storyline for the upcoming space adventure game is something that is still a mystery to many people; which gives off the impression that the game still far from being complete in terms of development. One of the things that we do know about Pragmata is that Capcom staff members who worked on the Residence Evil and the Devil May Cry series are involved in the development of this game. Also, Pragmata seems like a title that is very different than what we are used to seeing from Capcom which is interesting itself.

Capcom has proven they can develop successful games despite what genre they may be in. Despite, the space-adventure genre of gaming not being quite as popular as RPG’s, shooters or regular action-adventure titles Pragmata has the potential to be one of Capcom’s best selling games as it relates to the year 2023. Its quite possible that aside from COVID-19 causing delays in almost everything nowadays; Pragmata is being pushed back for a release in ’23 is because of Kerbal Space Program 2. For those who do not Kerbal Space Program 2 is an upcoming space flight simulation game that is supposed to appear on the PS4 in 2022. Kerbal Space Program 2 will be developed by Intercept Games and published by Private Division and even though its not set to appear on the PS5; it could have possibly overshadowed Capcom’s Pragmata game in 2022. Hopefully, we will learn more information about Capcom’s Pragmata throughout this year in relation to its storyline and gameplay features.

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