Will Microsoft Studios release a new Forza game on Xbox Series X in 2021 ?

When it comes to Forza series in general its still somewhat unclear as to what Microsoft Studios has planned for the future. While its been promised that we are either going to get a new Forza sometime in the future; Microsoft Studios has yet to officially confirm a release date for the upcoming title within the Forza series. As many people know the latest entry within the Forza series that we got was the Street game from ’19. Despite, Forza Street being a very exciting racing game for Xbox users there are many people who are still waiting to see Forza Motorsport 8 or a potential Forza Horizon 5 sometime in the near future. Generally, we get a Forza Horizon game about every two years and the latest installment that we saw came out in 2018. There were many people who were expecting Forza Horizon 5 to be released in 2020 but that particular year in general made life difficult for everyone due to COVID-19. Also, we have not seen a Forza Motorsport game since ’17 which really makes you wonder about the future regarding FM8. In terms of recent news regarding the Forza series its creative director Chris Esaki reportedly stated that ray tracing will be included in the next game.

The news regarding ray tracing for the upcoming Forza game was reported back in January 2021. Chris Esaki also mentioned that the upcoming Forza game will be welcoming to new players while returning the series roots; which is somewhat similar to what Sony Interactive Entertainment is doing with Gran Turismo 7 in terms of gameplay. There are a variety of features that are rumored to be in the next Forza game including off-road racing, new tire pressure model, rally races, ranked online system and more. There has also been rumors of the upcoming Forza game having a career mode as well. Even though, we got to see a reveal trailer for a new Forza Motorsport game back in July 2020; the amount of progress that Turn 10 & Microsoft Studios have made on the development of the game is still unclear. We are expecting to learn more about the upcoming Forza game from Turn 10 & Microsoft Studios as the year progresses. Also, the gaming world is hoping for additional gameplay footage regarding the upcoming Forza game sometime in the near future hopefully before the end of 2021.

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