Could Guilty Gear Strive be an attraction on the Nintendo Switch?

Everyone knows that Guilty Gear strive is set to be released for the PS4, PS5 and Microsoft Windows in April 2021. So far Guilty Gear Strive has been confirmed to have at least 15 characters including Sol Bad Guy, Chipp Zanuff, Faust, Axl Low, Ky Kiske and more. For those who want to pre-order the Ultimate Edition of Guilty Gear Strive on the PS5 they can do so for $99.99. Those who want to pre-order the digital version of Guilty Gear Strive for the PS4 they can also do so for only $59.99 on the PlayStation Store. While there are many people who are happy to see Guilty Gear Strive coming out soon for the PS5 & PS4; there are some who wonder whether or not the game would be an attraction on the Nintendo Switch. Since the inception of the Guilty Gear series most of the games that we have seen since ’98 had remained mostly on PlayStation consoles. In the past we never saw Guilty Gear titles released for GameCube, Wii or even the Nintendo Wii-U. However, we recently did get to see the original Guilty Gear title from ’98 on the Nintendo Switch.

While the Guilty Gear series has been more appealing to those who are hardcore fans of the fighting genre; some wonder if casual gamers who own a Switch console would show interest in the upcoming GG: Strive title. The Guilty Gear series was never quite as popular on a mainstream level as Capcom’s Street Fighter series which was more recognized by causal gamers worldwide. However, in terms of substance in relation to gameplay some can make the argument that the Guilty Gear series had some better games than older Street Fighter titles aside from Alpha 3. Guilty Gear Strive looks promising as a head to head fighting game for PS4 & PS5 and would probably look nice on the Nintendo Switch. But there is that possibility that Arc System Works upcoming game could be overshadowed by various first party Mario & Zelda games for the Nintendo Switch. If anything Guilty Gear Strive would stand out more on the PS5 & PS4 since a majority of games that come out in those consoles generally target adults.

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