Was Genshin Impact the best online RPG of 2020?

There is no question at all that 2020 was probably one of the worst years that we have ever witnessed in our lifetime. Despite, seeming endless conflict involving COVID-19, racial injustice and just about anything else you can think of there were a few bright spots within 2020. As far as the gaming world is concerned we got to see some cool RPG including Final Fantasy VI: Remake, Nioh 2, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and couple of others. But in terms of which RPG was the considered the best in relation to 2020 is one that is debatable. Ever since Geshnin Impact was released back in September 2020 its popularity had skyrocketed within a short period of time. In fact, it was reported back in December 2020 that Chinese video game developer miHoYo had earned nearly $400 million within its first two months. On average Geshnin Impact has been earning around $6 million a day and has become one of the most popular online RPG’s that we have seen years. Not only does Geshnin Impact have an intriguing storyline along with beautiful graphics produced by the Unity game engine; but one of the most appealing yet somewhat controversial aspects about the game revolves around its gacha system.

In order for players get through certain parts of Geshnin Impact they are expected to engage in massive spending in order to progress through certain parts of the game. The gacha system in Geshnin Impact has been labeled “predatory by some critics because it encourages gambling similar to that of loot boxes. Aside from the gacha system Geshnin Impact is an adventurous and exciting RPG where players control a party of four to engage in various activities. The open world environment in Genhnin Impact saw players solve various puzzles while battling bosses and traveling through dungeons in this fantasy based RPG. As a free-to-play RPG that allows co-op gameplay up to four players Genhnin Impact was without a doubt one of the most impressive games of 2020. The cross-platform gameplay between PS4, Microsoft Windows and mobile devices makes Genhnin Impact more accessible casual gamers; while adding to the overall appeal to the game itself which will control grow in popularity throughout 2021.

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