Would a new Viewtiful Joe game be an attraction today?

The original Viewtiful Joe game is considered to be one of the most memorable 2D beat em up titles from 00’s decade. Following its release back in ’03 Viewtiful Joe was praised for its gameplay and cel-shaded graphics while being criticized for its lack of challenging boss battles. In terms of visual artwork Viewtiful Joe felt somewhat reminiscent of the Comix Zone game from ’95; which was also an action based beat em up type of game. The PS2 version of Viewtiful Joe was known to have technical issues while the GameCube port was considered to be the best between the two. The Viewtiful Joe game from ’03 is considered to be legendary for its animation because it seemed ahead of its time by early 00’s standards. While their some other popular games that featured cel-shaded visuals including Zelda: The Wind Waker, Jet Set Radio and others; it was something that eventually became more common during the second half of the 00’s and throughout the 10’s decade. Even though, Viewtiful Joe did not have record breaking sales following its ’03 release it was still considered a cult classic within the gaming community.

We got to see four games within the entire Viewtiful Joe series with the final installment being released back in 2005. Ever since Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble was released in ’05 fans of the series had often wondered whether or not the game would ever have a direct sequel. Its been over fifteen years since Capcom released Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble which gives off the impression that series will never return. While Viewtiful Joe was somewhat popular back in the early to mid 00’s the landscape of gaming has changed dramatically since then. While the beat em up genre of gaming had been declining since the early 90’s; the RPG, action-adventure and shooter genres of gaming had risen in popularity throughout the 00’s & 10’s decade. A new Viewtiful Joe game would probably appeal to retro gamers along with hardcore fans of the series. However, its unlikely that a new Viewtiful Joe game would connect with the casual audience of gamers in the 20’s decade.

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