Retro Gaming 10’s- L.A. Noire: (2011)

When it comes down to popular action-adventure games from the first half of the 10’s decade one of the few titles that comes to mind is L.A. Noire. The L.A. Noire game was developed by Team Bondi and published by Rockstar Games and was released for PS3, Xbox 360 along with Microsoft Windows back in 2011. L.A, Noire was a unique type of action-adventure game because of the neo-noir detective theme it had with the setting taking place in 1947. In L.A. Noire players are assigned the role of detective while controlling the main character Cole Phelps who works for the Los Angles Police Department. Throughout, players are able to engage in various detective based activities as Phelps moves up the ranks within his career as he starts off as a patrolman. Eventually, Philips was moved to different office desks throughout the LAPD including Traffic, Vice, Homicide and Arson as it related to investigating various crimes. The plot for L.A. Noire was very intriguing since especially considering Phelps background as a Marine Corps Veteran; along with the fact that some of his former comrades were involved in a morphine distribution ring that was taking place within the game.

One of cool things about L.A. Noire is that some of the murder cases were based off of real-life stories such as the mystery behind Black Dahlia death. There were also notorious figures like Mickey Cohen who played an essential role in the story; seeing how he was a drug lord who had members of Phelps former unit killed for stealing and distributing morphine. While trying to learn about the morphine distribution ring from his one of his former comrades Courtney Sheldon; Phelps was meet with opposition which threatened to ruin his reputation. Phelps was eventually disgraced when a corrupt cop by the name of Roy Earle exposed his dirty laundry involving adultery. Not only does Phillips marriage end but he also becomes demoted at his job as well. Despite, being the main character Phelps was not paragon nor a one dimensional character; which added to the realism of the game opposed to Phelps having any faults whatsoever. L.A. Noire had two main antagonists Leland Monroe and Harland J. Fontaine who were both masterminds of the Suburban Redevelopment Scandal. Fontaine utilized extortion to try and get people to sell their houses to SRF; while crooked cop Earle did everything in his power to thwart Phelps efforts to discover the truth.

Eventually, Fontaine meets his demise at the hands of a mentally unstable veteran named Ira Hogeboom after attempted to kill nightclub singer Elsa Lichtmann. Fontaine who also worked as a psychiatrist had manipulated Ira into doing some of his bidding in burning down houses after getting him addicted to morphine to deal with PTSD. Leland Monroe was eventually shot by investigator Jack Kelso before raiding his office and gathering enough incriminating evidence against the SRF. While Monroe’s fate was not made clear in L.A. Noire it was believed that he went to prison. Also, the main character Phelps ends up tragically dying while trying to save Elsa & Kelso in a tunnel alongside with detective Herschel Biggs. Phelps ends up drowning after attempting to track down the arsonist for SRF and being intercepted by corrupt police Commissioner Worrell in the process. L.A. Noire was a game that could be completed within 48 hours and managed to sell over five million copies worldwide since its initial release. While the facial animation and storytelling within L.A. Noire were considered to be strong positives some critics argued that it felt a bit repetitive at times. But since L.A Noire was a game that had way more positives and negatives it was considered great game by many people in general. Even though, L.A Noire was released about a decade ago there are many people who would I’ve to see a direct sequel to this critically acclaimed neo-noir action-adventure classic.

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