Retro Gaming 90’s- Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil: (1998)

When we think about classic first person shooters from the 90’s there are a variety of titles that instantly come to mind such as: Doom, Goldeneye 007, Unreal Tournament, Duke Nukem 3D and Wolfenstein 3D. One of the most memorable first person titles that appeared on the N64 back in the late 90’s was Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil from 1998. Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil was developed by Iguana Entertainment and published by Acclaim Entertainment and was the direct sequel to Turok: Dinosaur Hunter which was also released for the N64 in 1997. Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil was a game that was unlike your typical N64 title since it was released on a 32MB cartridge; unlike other games such as Super Mario 64 which only utilized an 8 megabyte cartridge. Those who purchased Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil had the option of playing the game with an expansion pack for more high resolution graphics. Similar to its predecessor Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil had a single-player campaign mode which the game was built around. Also, Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil also featured multiplayer modes including Team Blood, Blood Lust and Frat Tag which added to the overall replay value of the game itself.

In the single-player campaign people had a variety of weapons to choose from while killing off various creatures within the six levels of the game. The type of weapons included in Turok 2 included rifles, shotguns, flamethrowers, bow and arrows along with grenades and spearguns. There were various species of creatures had to destroy in order to survive. Throughout, Turok 2 players would encounter creatures such as: Magmites, Raptors, Raptoids, Cave Spiders, Leapers and many others with a final boss within each level. Players had to collect several level and Primagen keys within different stages to progress throughout Turok 2. The storyline involving Joshua Fireseed as the main character along with the alien life form known as Primagen being the villain was pretty solid.

Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil in general was an awesome science fiction mature rated first-person shooter because of dark atmosphere and well polished visuals at the time. Since its release Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil not only reached over 1.4 million in sales; the N64 classic was also ported for various systems including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. One of the reasons why Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil was such as big deal is because it was released right before the 00’s; which was arguably the best decade ever as it relates to the first person shooter genre of gaming in terms of popularity. Even though, Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil was released over two decades ago it still holds up pretty well in this day and age.

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