Will the Nintendo Switch Pro be a game changer in the console wars?

Everybody within the gaming world is talking about the Nintendo Switch Pro and its upcoming release which many are speculating is going to take place sometime in 2021. Based on some of the details that has been revealed about the Nintendo Switch Pro this upcoming console will have significant modifications to that of the older model which came out back in 2017. It has been revealed that Nintendo Switch Pro will have brand new features including 4K resolution when docked courtesy of the Realtek chip along with a OLED screen. The Nintendo Switch Pro reportedly will have better battery life in comparison to the ’17 model as well. While the official release date for the Switch Pro is still a mystery to everyone except Nintendo there is a lot curiosity about what the price tag for the console will be. When the Nintendo Switch was released back in March 2017 the hybrid console was priced at $299 within the United States. Its possible that the Nintendo Switch Pro could cost approximately $100-$150 more than the original console; bringing the price somewhere between the $399-$449 price range without tax.

The PS5 & Xbox Series X which were released back in November 2020 along with Google Stadia would serve as major competitors to Nintendo’s upcoming Switch Pro console. While Sony has recently faced backlash for its faulty DualSense controllers the PS5 still managed to reach over 3.3 million in sales within two months of its release. The Xbox Series X managed to reach over 1.8 million in sales since its release despite its backwards compatibly with older generation games from the Xbox One & 360 era. However, it should be noted that the premium edition of the Xbox Series X is currently priced at $499 and is more expensive than the standard edition of the PS5. While Microsoft arguably produces more advanced gaming technology than its competitors; it seems that Sony and Nintendo had the edge over them in terms of console sales within the past few years. If the expectations of Nintendo Switch Pro truly lives up to its hype in terms quality then it could definitely be a game changer in 2021-2022.

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