Should Dark Souls III be ported for the Nintendo Switch?

Dark Souls III was arguably one of the most popular action role playing games of the mid 10’s. The Dark Souls III game was released back in Spring 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and was developed by FromSoftware; the same company that developed the critically acclaimed Bloodborne title from 2015. The Dark Souls series has been around since ’11 and since then the only major installment to appear on a Nintendo based console is the original title. Its common knowledge that Dark Souls I was ported for the Nintendo back in ’18. However, FromSoftware & Bandi Namco Entertainment has yet to bring Dark Souls II & III to the Nintendo Switch. Between Dark Souls I-III many people would go on record and argue that the third game was not only the hardest but by far the best within the entire series. It was reported back in May 2020 that Dark Souls III reached at least ten million in sales; while being one of the best role playing games of 2016.

Its been four since the release of Dark Souls III and it seems like there has been no plans to bring the critically acclaimed action role playing game to the Nintendo Switch. In fact, there are some who question whether not Dark Souks III would be a big attraction on the Nintendo Switch. The PS4 and Xbox One are consoles that are often better for 3D action role playing games; since titles within that genre such as: Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy XV and Monster Hunter: World are often promoted for those systems. Nintendo for the mainly has first party video games within the Mario and Zelda series that Norma would overshadow third party games in general. Also, the quality of a third party game on the Nintendo Switch is not on the same level as that of the PS4 or Xbox One. Even though, a Switch version of Dark Souls III would be nice more people are waiting for Bandi Namco Entertainment to make an announcement about a potential Dark Souls IV game in the future. The Dark Souls series still has enough appeal to possibly last throughout the 20’s decade seeing how impressive the impressive Demon Souls currently is for the PS5.

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