Will there ever be a Bloodborne II?

The Bloodborne game from ’15 was arguably one of the best action role playing video games to appear on the PS4 during the 10’s decade. Ever since its initial release back in ’15 Bloodborne has received universal praise from various critics and gaming publications for its overall quality. There were various aspects of Bloodborne II that people liked including its artstyle, storyline, gameplay along with its Gothic setting within the Victorian era. There people would agree that Bloodborne II is somewhat similar to that of the Dark Souls series which began back in ’11. Bloodborne was such popular game on the PS4 during the mid 10’s to a point where it eventually received its own card game along with a comic book series following its release. While Bloodborne was not within the top 20 in terms of best selling games for the PS4; it still managed to reach at least two million copies in worldwide sales since 2015. Seeing how successful Bloodborne has been within the past five years many fans of the series have wondered; whether or not the game will eventually receive a sequel within the future. As it currently stands it the developer for Bloodborne known as FromSoftware seemingly have no plans on making a sequel for the game.

In fact, when Hidetaka Miyazaki the director for Bloodborne was questioned about a potential sequel for he game back in ’19; he mentioned how the decision to bring the series back was completely out of his hands. If the online support from Bloodborne fans are strong enough its possible that FromSoftware might consider making a direct sequel for the game for PS5. If from FromSoftware has no plans making a Bloodborne II anytime within the next few years they should at least remaster Bloodborne from ’15 on the PS5 at some point. As a action role playing Bloodborne is a title that would still hold up pretty two years from now on the PS4. The high level of difficulty along with the inclusion of multiple endings contributed to the overall replay value of Bloodborne. Also, combat system along in game mechanics were impressive especially since the Blood Echoes feature made things more convenient for players in general. Being able to facilitate between melee and visceral attacks added to the strategic element of combat along with being able to utilize guns to kill of various monsters throughout the game. While the idea of a Bloodborne II for the PS5 sounds appealing its something that might not happen anytime soon unless FromSoftware says otherwise.

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